Machine Learning Masterclass: From Beginner to Advanced

Machine Learning Masterclass: From Beginner to Advanced
A collaboration between 8 instructors! Jump into Python, TensorFlow, PyCharm, API & CIFAR-10. +7 bonus topics!

Do you want the biggest Udemy course ever? This course is for you!

A wildly successful Kickstarter funded this course

Apps driven by machine learning are the future of mobile app development. The amount of detail going into this course is unprecedented.

Python, Java, PyCharm, Android Studio and MNIST. Learn to code and build apps! Use machine learning models in hands-on projects.

Explore machine learning concepts. Learn how to use TensorFlow 1.4.1 to build, train,and test machine learning models. We explore Python 3.6.2 and Java 8 languages, and how to use PyCharm 2017.2.3 and Android Studio 3 to build apps.

The material is easy to follow and well constructed. The instructor covers theory and implementation, and it is deep, with real world examples.

We explains the syntax of the code with each step. We are thorough and explains how the syntax works as we shows you how to write it and what it does and how it functions.

Lessons are straight to the point, easy to follow, and perfect for people who are learning the more intermediate to advanced coding techniques. It is a great tutorial package with A HUGE library of steps.

The pace is easy to grasp and follow. You can always speed up/slow down videos as needed. Don’t forget to watch offline anytime on the Udemy app.

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