Laravel(5.2) PHP Framework Jump Start for beginners

Laravel(5.2) PHP Framework  Jump Start for beginners
Master code patterns of Laravel and the Object-Oriented PHP concepts behind it.Learn modern agile PHP Web Development.

Learn the basic concepts and tools that you will need to build fully functional Object Oriented PHP web applications using Laravel framework.(Over 3000 students have already enrolled to this course,the most popular Laravel course at Udemy).

Build a strong foundation in modern agile Object-Oriented PHP programming.

  • Set up and configure your local development environment.
  • Generate code files effectively and efficiently using Laravel artisan tool.
  • Object-Oriented PHP programming with MVC architecture.
  • Eloquent ORM.
  • Laravel routing.
  • Migrations and seedings.
  • Laravel Sessions and Requests.
  • Blade templating

A powerful ,highly demanded,highly paid,highly marketable skill at your fingertips.

As you might already know, Laravel is the most popular PHP framework today.

It is free and open source,very easy to learn,has excellent documentations,has a very friendly community support and most importantly it is fun to code.

Laravel developers get higher salaries than other PHP developers.

If you like freelancing, this skill will give you a strong background to get large projects worth over 2000 US dollars as a freelancer web developer.

Content and Overview

This course is for beginner level web developers and students.

You will learn all essential Laravel code patterns and establish a strong understanding of the Laravel web application architecture.

Each chapter closes with exercises and links for further readings,putting your new learned skills into practical use immediately.

Starting with the setting up and configuration of local development environment,this course will take you through artisan,migrations,seeders,routes,controllers,sessions,requests,blade templates and eloquent models.

Students completing the course will have the knowledge to create functional and useful dynamic web applications using Laravel PHP framework.

This course comes with downloadable code samples,you will be able to work alongside the instructor as you work through each concept, and will receive a verifiable certificate of completion upon finishing the course.


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