Node.js for beginners, 10 developed projects, 100% practical

Node.js for beginners, 10 developed projects, 100% practical
NodeJS platform world-leading backend, multiple real-world applications developed, learn by practicing.

The NodeJS Course allows you to develop scalable web applications for thousands of users, additionally includes source code of all classes that will allow you to test and investigate what is learned, the material is presented modularly and stepwise for the participant to acquire the knowledge and skills, and put them In an orderly, fast and efficient way in building your web applications. They are more than 4.5 hours of guaranteed video, good material, very useful for the development of your web applications. The course includes javascript frameworks such as angularjs, express, Nosql database like Mongo and relational database like Postgres, we will also explain how to publish your web applications in the cloud through Heroku. If you want a course where you want to learn in practice and quickly this course of nodejs is for you. Update January 2017


Learn Nodejs by building 12 projects

Projects in Node.js - Learn by Example

Learn Web Scraping with Node.js

Node.js - From Zero to Web App

Learn Node.js API's Fast and Simple

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