Modern Web Development with Laravel 5.2 (PHP Framework)

Modern Web Development with Laravel 5.2 (PHP Framework)
Prepare yourself for a career as web developer - Build two major projects in this course

This course uses Laravel 5.2. You learned the basics but still feel like something’s missing? You want to get your development skills to the next level?

Already got the basics about PHP, HTML and CSS? Still struggling to start off your career? Or maybe you’re interested in broadening your skills and want to be a more confident web developer? Whatever your reasons are, this course will take your web development skills to the next level!

While knowing all the basics is absolutely necessary it also isn’t enough. 8 years ago you might’ve been a good web developer, just coding single PHP files and spaghetti-coding them together. Nowadays that will not suffice.

Become more efficient, enjoy the fun parts!

Today’s websites need to be easily scalable, offer a nice user experience, be responsive, fast, error-tolerant and obviously safe. Taking care of all this on your own will at least cost you immense amounts of time. In the worst case it will result in slow or insecure web applications - no one wants that!

Modern PHP development absolutely required you to be familiar with at least one of the major PHP frameworks out there. Being a confident developer in such a framework will instantly boost your productivity! I’m able to setup customized CMS-Applications within hours. That leaves much more time for important things like getting your business logic right and optimizing the user experience!

"Laravel: A Framework for Web Artisans"

In this course I’ll teach you the most modern major PHP framework existing: Laravel. It is immensely popular due to the huge volume of functionalities it offers whilst ensuring highest security and ease of use. With Laravel creating web applications is extremely efficient and fun.

This course will teach you everything you need to know to get started with Laravel and develop awesome applications. I guarantee, that you’ll be able to create much more complex applications and websites after taking this course and learning Laravel.

Build two major projects in this course

Guaranteeing something is one thing - showing it, however, is the real deal.

Throughout this course we will build, alongside a lot of smaller examples, two major applications which could be real client projects! Our Quotes Website as well as our fully functional Blog (with both Frontend as well as Backend = Administration area) will showcase and use all the Laravel tools we’ll cover in this course:

  • MVC approach: Lean application for easy scaling and maintenance
  • User authentication
  • Routing for GET and POST request
  • Protection of routes against unauthorized access
  • Structured database operations with Laravel’s built-in ORM for highest security and comfort
    • INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, SELECT without any SQL-skills
    • Relationships
    • Setting up and structuring a database via PHP files
  • View Templating with Blade Template Engine
  • Automatic mailing with and without callback links
  • Events and Listeners
  • AJAX requests
  • … and much more!

I also include bonus sections which offer useful refreshers regarding CSS and JavaScript!

Don’t hesitate, jumpstart your career and take the next step!


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