React: Learn ReactJS Fundamentals for Front-End Developers

React: Learn ReactJS Fundamentals for Front-End Developers
Get started in React as quickly as possible!

This course is for front-end developers who want to get a head-start in ReactJS by learning the fundamentals as quickly as possible.

Students who take this course will learn to use React components, JSX and React’s top-down design methodology to build interactive interfaces while cutting down on code complexity.

The course is presented in a series of videos, quizzes and coding exercises. Students can choose to code along with the lectures, or download sample code provided with each lecture.

The course dives straight into a simple demonstration application to provide an overview of React concepts, all of which are explored later in the course in detail as students build the second, larger example application.

If you want to get up to speed in ReactJS as quickly as possible, this is the course for you!

Who is the target audience?
  • Developers who understand Javascript
  • Front-end developers who have worked with other JS frameworks in the past (e.g. Angular)
  • It is NOT for developers who wish to use React with server-side Javascript
  • It is NOT for developers who with to learn a workflow using broserify/gulp/grunt etc and ReactJS


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