Vue JS: From Beginner to Professional

Vue JS: From Beginner to Professional
Learn Vue.js, a reactive JavaScript framework that is easy to learn. Build anything from simple to complex SPAs with Vue

Vue.js has quickly become incredibly popular, both due to how powerful the framework is, but also how easy it is to learn. Vue is much easier to learn than other JavaScript frameworks such as Angular and React, meaning that you can start building your first Vue application in no time!

In this course, you will learn how to build reactive web applications at any scale. You will learn the theory that you need to know about Vue.js, and we will be building several example applications as we go along, demonstrating the explained concepts in practice. The course lectures include examples when going through new material, followed by exercises that you can optionally choose to solve - and we walk through the solutions together.

Whether or not you have prior experience with Vue.js, this course is an easy way for you to learn the framework! Perhaps you have struggled with large and complex frameworks such as Angular? Don’t worry, Vue.js is much easier to learn! Getting up and running fast is at the heart of Vue, so no more long hours of configuration just to show “Hello World!” Or perhaps you have no experience with reactive JavaScript frameworks and come straight from using jQuery? No problem! Vue.js is an excellent choice for your first framework, and is one of the easiest one to start out with.

Despite the fact that Vue is easy to learn, it is an incredibly powerful framework that can be used to build large web applications as well as small ones. Unlike many other frameworks, Vue.js does not try to take control of your application, and allows you to let the framework control only parts of your application - something that is perfect for migrating legacy applications to a more modern framework without doing a complete rewrite at once!

This course starts from scratch with teaching you how to build a “Hello World!” application in Vue.js and moves towards building advanced applications step by step.


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