PHP Laravel 5:Creating a CRUD application

PHP Laravel 5:Creating a CRUD application
you will learn how to create a crud application in laravel 5 by using crud generator

This course mainly focuses on creating a crud(create read update delete operations of a database table) using crud generator in laravel 5 framework of php which is very useful in the web development field. In this tutorial series you get to learn about it’s basics . laravel 5 is a PHP framework  which is in very demand. it is easy to learn and it is used in most web development today. By enrolling in this course you will get a very good grip on creating a crud in  laravel 5 framework using crud generator . By the end of it you will have a firm understanding of the concepts of crud generator in laravel 5 framework and you will be able to generate a crud application in laravel 5 framework by using crud generator on your own . this course is not for experts and slow learners as the pace of this course will be very fast . you should have basic understanding of PHP,HTML,MYSQL and laravel 5 framework basics for enrolling in this course


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